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Give me 30 minutes a day with our WordPress how to training and I’ll make you a WordPress expert – in 3 months (and all for less than $30.00 monthly)

Endorsed By Dr. Gary North, well-known and respected historian and economist

This is THE WordPress how to video training course for the non-technical people that want to learn how to create and maintain their own WordPress site with the help of simple, step-by-step videos.

View the WordPress how to training videos that cover the areas you need to know about, and skip the ones that don’t apply to you.

Don’t get worried about WordPress terminology you don’t understand. It’s all explained in the videos for you.

Here’s a sample of one of our videos that will teach you how to find a domain name and then get the domain name.

This incredible series of videos contains:

Getting Set Up
1.Your Domain NameIn video 1 we talk about ideas to consider when deciding on your domain name. A little thought should go into where you purchase your domain names from so we cover this as well right at the beginning of our WordPress training.
2.Where Is Your Web Site Going To LiveYour Web site has to hang its hat to speak..So in video 2 you will learn a bit about web hosting companies and in doing so you will get a better idea as to where you will spend your hosting dollars.
3.Putting Your Web Site On The InternetConnecting your Web site to your newly acquired hosting account is very simple once you learn the basics. Video 3 will show you the way.
4.Transferring Files From Your Computer To Your Web SiteVideo 4 will show you how to get and set up a free tool that will allow you to easily and simply transfer files back and forth from your Web site.

This ends the basics section of WordPress how to training.

Your Hosting Control Panel
5.Control Panel IntroIn video 5 we will introduce you to the easy-to-use control panel for your hosting company, and take a stroll around inside it.
6.Creating SubDomains With Your Control PanelOnce you are familiarized with the Control Panel we will dive right into creating SubDomains using your Control Panel. What is a SubDomain and how can it be used in your Web site? Video 6 is here to answer those questions.
7.Install WordPress On Your Web Site AutomaticallyNow that we have covered a good chunk of the basics with the WordPress how to training, and have a solid groundwork laid out, its time for video 7 where you will learn how to easily and automatically install your WordPress Web site. First timers, don’t blink, you’ll miss the entire process.
8.WordPress Database CreationWordPress uses a database to store a lot of stuff that it does. Video 8 will cover some of the more techie stuff in a non-techie way. You will learn how to create a WordPress Database for your Web site. You’re going to love how simple and non-technical this is, and the great news is that you only have to do it once! This is a must see video in our WordPress training course.
9.How To Install WordPress On Your Web Site ManuallyTime to roll up your sleeves and learn to install WordPress the manual way. You probably will never need to do this, but just in case, video 9 will show you how it’s done and why it is a good idea to have this knowledge, even if you can automatically install your Web sites while blindfolded. Note: this isn’t a critical skill needed to get your Web site set up and functioning, so come back to it when you have some free time.

OK, WordPress is installed and setup. This next section of the WordPress how to training covers actually building your WordPress Web site .

Introducing The WordPress Admin
10.WP Versions Upgrade (Manual & Automatic Methods)The people at WordPress are updating and improving the software on a regular basis. Video 10 will show you how easy it is to do your own upgrades both manually as well as automatically. As usual, you’ll probably always update WordPress automatically, because it is a one click event, so don’t get too hung up on updating WordPress manually. That’s one of those “nice to have” skills, but you’ll probably never need to do it.

The most important section of the WordPress how to video training, and one not to be missed is on Security and how to protect your WordPress Web site from the bad guys that might want to damage your Web site for the fun of it..

WordPress Security
11–18.WordPress SecurityVideos 11 through Video 18 cover in detail, ways to add layers of armored-plated security to your WordPress blogs. If someone intent on destroying or defacing your Web site (malicious hacker, a competitor, etc.) can actually damage your Web site after applying these security measures, they’re going to have to be highly skilled and very determined to do damage. It is impossible to make your Web site security foolproof and still be usable, but you can easily take it to the idiot-resistant level.
Working With WordPress
19.Clean & CustomizeWordPress comes with some default entries that you don’t need, so video 19 will show you how to trash them and will also show you how you can customize your WordPress Admin layout.
20.Themes (Intro & Install)Themes are what gives WordPress the “look and feel”. There are many thousands of free themes available, and you can change the look of your Web site any time you choose. One of the awesome things about WordPress is the ability to quickly change the look of your entire blog in mere seconds. Video 20 will introduce you to the WordPress Themes and how you can change yours with ease.
Plugins For WordPress
21.Introduction To PluginsPlugins are objects that you can add to your Wordress Web site to add functionality, without having to do any programming or HTML work. Video 21 will introduce you to the ability to add extra functionality to your WordPress Web site with just a few clicks of your mouse button. This is done through Plugins for WordPress.
22.Installing PluginsIn video 22 you will learn a few different methods to find and install plugins for WordPress. Next, the WordPress how to training will take you into some important plugins.
Configuring Some Important WordPress Plugins
23.Configure AkismetThe next several videos will showcase various plugins for WordPress and how to configure them. This video – video 23, will show you how to configure Akismet. If you allow comments on your site, you can get a lot of spam. This plugin is a major spam–eater so this is one of the most important plugins for WordPress to have. It operates automatically, so you set it and forget it.
24.Configure All In One SEOVideo 24 will show you how to configure the All–In–One–SEO plugin so you are able to squeeze as much Search Engine Optimization (SEO) juice from your Web site as possible. This is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress and for good reason. It optimizes your Web site for the search engines in a way that can get you on the search engines quickly. This will not get you a top Google ranking, but it does get you in the game. This is another in the ‘must have’ plugins for WordPress department.
25.Configure Traffic SEOOne of my favorite plugins for WordPress is from one of the coolest & smartest guys in online marketing – Jeff Johnson and his website. The plugin is called Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and when you have it setup properly, it does exactly as the name implies. The setup is simple, and the results are amazing. It helps drive in free search engine traffic like no other.
26.Configure Your Contact FormA Contact Form is how your Web site visitors communicate with you. It’s important to have one to avoid having a billboard on the Information Highway. Video 26 will walk you through the process of configuring the Contact Form plugin, one of the more popular plugins for WordPress, as well as a couple of things you might want to consider when setting up your contact form.
27.Configure Google AnalyticsHow many came to your Web site? From where? What keywords did they use to find your Web site? How many pages did they view? How long do they stay on your Web site? How many repeat visitors do you have? How will you ever get the answers? Video 27 is a must see tutorial because it shows you how to configure the Google Analytics plugin. Of all the plugins for WordPress available, this one should definitely make your short list.
28.Automatic PostingPosts, the blog side of WordPress, create the plentiful and targeted content that Google loves. Creating it by hand is a huge task. Automatic posting is a time saver. With video 28, you will learn how important auto–posting plugins for WordPress will be for you, if you plan on ranking high in the search engines. Content is king! Auto posting plugins for WordPress are also a life–saver when you have little or no time to get your regular manual post added. Automation can be a good thing.

The next portion of WordPress how to training covers the functionality of this excellent Content Management System.

WordPress Functionality
29.Create New PostsNow that you’re aware of auto–posting, Video 29 will go old–school & will touch on a few ways you are able to manually create new posts for your WordPress Web site. You would really only do this if you found a news entry that you thought someone might like, or some other spur-of-the moment information that you wanted to share. Otherwise, automatic posting will take care of creating content for you.
30.Create New PagesPages are the Web pages of WordPress. Put Pages and Posts together and you have a powerful site that visitors will return to often, because your content changes often. In video 30 you will learn about creating new Pages. How they relate to your navigation menus, how to password protect your new pages and so much more.
31.Add New UsersYou can have people contributing to your Web site, or getting into your Admin area to do certain tasks for you, but you want to compartmentalize them so they don’t accidentally break your Web site. Video 31 will talk about safely adding new Users to your Web site as well as the many different ‘levels’ or ‘roles’ each of your Users can have and what those roles can do.
32.What Is A WordPress Widget?Widgets allow you to add interactive functionality to your Web site. They are usually seen on the side of your page. Search, Calendar, Categories and Archives are examples of widgets commonly seen on WordPress Web sites. Like plugins and themes, Widgets are just another module that can add a whole new layer of coolness and functionality to your WordPress blog. Video 32 will do the introduction.
33.Backups–Auto & ManualIt is highly unlikely that your WordPress Web site will crash and burn on you, but Murphy’s Law does exist. Video 33 will cover one of the most important tasks you have regarding your WordPress blog..Your backups. In this video you will learn how to both automatically and manually do complete backups. A definite must see. Normally, you will always do automatic backups, but you may want to do a quick backup, for example, before you upgrade your WordPress version. That only takes seconds, but a sudden power failure during an update can ruin your day.
34.How To Create A Sales Page TemplateThis video is for those doing affiliate marketing, where you sell someone else’s product for a commission. You night not have that intention now, but when you see how easy this is, you may become tempted. Video 34 will detail how to create a sales page template. This information can prove to be invaluable for online marketers. Why just slap together a static sales page when you can easily use the power of WordPress and all the Google juice that comes with it?
35.How To Use WordPress As Your MinisiteThis is an advanced technique for affiliate marketers. A word of warning here. If you don’t want to get into copying and pasting PHP code, skip this video. On the other hand, if you want to see a simple and slick way to create mini-sites for affiliate products quickly, then this video is for you. Video 35 will show you the steps needed to convert your WordPress blog into a traffic magnet, Google loving Mini Site.
36.How To Create A WordPress Web SiteVideo 36 will show you how to create a static Home page that will load every time someone visits your Web site, while also maintaining all the elements of your WordPress blog section – navigation links and sidebars and anything else you have throughout your Web site. Very cool stuff.
37.How To Add A Dropdown List To Your Navigation BarThis video will show you how to add a simple element to your Web site’s navigation that will help keep things a bit more organized for your site visitors. Instead of having a huge cluster of navigation links, organize them and have them display in a nice, tidy dropdown list when displayed
38.How To Stream Video From Your WordPress Web site – Fast & FreePeople love watching videos and it is the fastest way to get information across. In video 38 you will learn how to easily install & use a free tool to stream videos from your WordPress Web site. These videos can be hosted on your server or many of the video hosting sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe. Amazon S3 and many more.
39.How To Customize Your Video PlayerThe video player is what is wrapped around the video actually playing. It contains the Start, Pause, Run, Stop and volume controls and forms the frame of your video.Video 39 will take you behind the scenes and show you how to customize your video player. You can change the entire look or just a little color here and there. Very cool info.
40.How To Add Streaming Audio To Your WordPress BlogIn some cases, you may want to play audio, instead if showing a video. One example would be to play music on your site. This video will simplify adding streaming audio to your Web site as well as show you how to add a clickable link for your visitors to download your mp3 file also. As a bonus, you’ll learn a secret trouble shooting technique few people know about.
41.How To Customize Your Audio PlayerIn video 41 you will learn how to pretty up your Audio Players looks to better match the look & layout of your WordPress Web site.
42.How To Customize The MenusYou will learn how to customize your navigation menus. The awesome minds at WordPress have added some pretty cool options for us with this customizing function.
43.How To Enable The Multi-Site FeatureWarning: Unless you have the need to house a network of Web sites in your hosting platform, skip this video. This is very technical, and you MUST follow the steps EXACTLY. Get comfortable with WordPress first before attempting this. In this video you will learn how to enable the ability to house many different Web sites under just one WordPress installation. This can be a little tricky, but I’ll show you how, step–by–step so you will not get lost.

That’s the end of the WordPress how to video training section. Come back as often as you like.

Why bother learning WordPress? There are WordPress developers everywhere, IF you don’t mind shoveling out several hundred dollars, or more, to a complete stranger, and then hoping that you can get timely tech support..

Buy Now And Save!

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress available for free… if you can figure out how to install them. Install instructions on some of those things are so strange, I feel like I need a lawyer just to understand them.

This WordPress how to video training course is fun! Instead of taking a drab “textbook-style” approach to the subject – where you might have to get yourself halfway through the darned book just to create something interesting – you start taking in useful info on the very first video.

This course is designed for everyday people that are NOT programmers or Web designers. You don’t need a 4-year degree in computer science to understand it. WordPress management may sound like a complex subject, but the WordPress how to video training makes it a simple and very understandable concept.

If you want something done right, do it yourself

What you are ordering here is a 43 lesson video course. After you order, you will arrive on a page where you can begin viewing the videos immediately, even if it’s 2:30 in the morning. Watch them as many times as you wish. There are NO viewing restrictions.

Watch them in any order you like. View only the ones that pertain to your needs and skip the rest. Review any subject any time! Master WordPress easily, with step-by step instructions on video.

You don’t have to wade through a book and try to figure out what fig. G is trying to tell you. You see it happen right in front of you. All you need to do is copy what you see.

But That’s Not All You Get!

Bonus #1

An expanded number of PING directories to add to your WordPress admin.

Every time you add content to your WordPress site, WordPress automatically “pings” those sites to let them know your content has changed. This results in higher search engine rankings, faster.

The standard set of Ping sites is only a handful. We’ll give you 21 very powerful sites that will automatically be notified when you add new content on your blog.

Bonus #2

Our Personal List Of Plugins for WordPress.

We have dozens of plugins for WordPress that we use to increase the power of WordPress for our own sites. We will give you the list and explain:

  • The name of the plugin and how to get it.
  • What the plugin does and how we use it.
  • How to configure the plugins for WordPress, if there are any options.

Bonus #3

We will post your URL to your newly created WordPress site to our private network.

The immediate result will be about 30 high–quality back links pointing to your site from sites on the private network. Depending on your keyword, you might find a Google Page 1 placement from our posting. That listing will, in turn, drive traffic to your new site.

Bonus #4 (and the MOST important one)

A FREE (Members Only) WordPress Training Forum.

  • Share your WordPress experiences with other members
  • Ask questions and get answers that wil help you get better using WordPress.
  • Help other members by sharing what you know and answering their questions.
  • Ask us questions about WordPress and get the help you need quickly

Forums are a very powerful communication tool and all Members get forum access with their membership.

Begin learning WordPress right now and get your business on the Internet without unnecessary expense or relying on tech support! There has never been a better time, or a better offer.

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